Why I Like The Bikini Body Guide

The Bikini Body Guide is the best fitness workout program for all women who want to lose weight quickly and to restore their shape. I have been using it for a while now and want to give you some information on it to help you with your fitness.

The Bikini Body Guide is an e-book by Kayla Itsines. It’s a 12 week program for women to get the perfect bikini body. Two different sections of the Bikini Body Guide are available and they are a diet plan or BBG diet that details the eating plan and the workout plan that details the exercise plan.

You can buy both of them combined or any one of them individually. Both of them are available combined in a single book called “Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Bundle”. The regular price of this bundle is more than a hundred dollars and now it’s  available at a low price of 30 dollars in Kayla’s fitness store.

The main features of this BBG diet is the speeding up your metabolism 14 day diet plan variety of tasty food recipes. The diet plan is based on the minimum level of calorie levels that a women can get by with. They also add up some healthy foods to your plans to build up the stamina. The meal plan’s force your body to burn fat quickly and speed up your metabolism rate.

The bikini body guide shows you what to eat and when to eat. The plan is for two weeks so that you won’t get bored of eating. The diet plan includes a lot of information about your eating habits to stay strong and healthy until the end of your life. You can choose the one that you wish from the two meal plans either the regular program or the other program that is designed especially for the vegetarians. Both plans cost the same.


The Workout Plan

The main features of the workout plan are the 189 page guide. Effective and easy cardio workouts show results in one week. All the workouts target the problem areas and all the workouts remain only for 30 minutes so that you won’t get tired and bored. You have to do the workout for six days a week and get one day rest to restore and recover.

The exercises are different each day. The hard and high intensity workouts like squats and pushups are on the odd numbered days and remain only for seven minutes. The easy and the low intensity workouts like running and yoga are on the even numbered days and remain only for 30 minutes. So that you won’t feel bored and tired about the exercises. Mixing up of exercises make you enjoy and remove your stress fully.

For the first few days, the exercises are very simple not to strain your muscles. The exercises get harder when your muscles get toned up to that. The Bikini Body Guide is the best one for all the women to get the bikini body shape. It is simple, fast and fun to follow the BBG. Everyone can understand the guide easily as it explains everything in detail.

You can also get this free guide when buying the program and I’ve left a good review below.